Custom Paintings!

Sorry for the un-food-related post but I just made an Etsy shop for my custom acrylic paintings! You can custom order any initial or greek letters in any color combination that you want! Great for gifts or for yourself!

Click here to visit the store: MaxsonArts

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Chocolate Halloween Fudge

2 main ingredients! Decorate it however you want to! This recipe tastes so good! Make it for your friends but save some for yourself!


  1. 14 oz sweetened condensed milk
  2. 3 c semisweet mini chocolate chips
  3. sprinkles of your choice

Add condensed milk to a pot and turn on medium heat. Add chocolate in one cup at a time stirring well in between. The mixture should be runny. Line the bottom of a small baking dish with wax paper or foil. Top with sprinkles, cover and chill for 1 hour in the refrigerator.

Monster Cupcakes

I can hardly take any credit for this because these are so easy. But look how cute they are! Make these for your halloween party but beware, they will go quickly! Add pretzels for horns and decorating icing for more detailed faces on your monsters!


  1. 1 box cupcake mix of your choice
  2. 1 can of colored icing
  3. 1 c candy corn
  4. 1/2 c brown M&M’s
  5. about 25 candy eyeballs
  6. sprinkles

Make the cupcakes and let cool all the way to prevent the icing from running off. Ice a thin layer over all of the cupcakes. Decorate! Candy corn and pretzels have to be pushed into the cake so they don’t slide around.

Graveyard Mud Pie

These personal Oreo and pudding pies are fool proof (a favorite quality of mine when it comes to food). You don’t have to be a talented chef to throw a fun halloween party! You can make the tombstone out of Milanos if you don’t like peeps. Just write on it with black icing (Serves 6)


  1. 2 c chocolate pudding
  2. About 10 Oreos
  3. About 6 gummy worms
  4. 1 pkg holiday Peeps of your choice
  5. 6 Mini pie crusts

Make pudding first. Spoon one large spoonful into each pie crust and spread around evenly. Put Oreos in a gallon zip lock bag and mash up into dirt-like consistency. Top pudding with Oreo crumbles. Cut a gummy worm in half and burry them so they look like they are popping out of the dirt. Add the Peeps to the dirt and serve!